Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wry Writer Who ?

I have decided to start posting on my blog.
Don’t know why I have resisted it up to this point except to say it’s like entering a room full of people I don’t know and standing back for awhile to size up the bunch. I guess that’s what I have been doing, hanging back assessing the situation.
Well…what is the situation?
I am back to writing after many years of laying dormant. Sounds like a disease; I guess writing is like that sometimes, it has a tendency to override life…laundry not done, dishes pile up or I end up late to work because I just want to get one more sentence right.

As an essayist I am pretty comfortable with my format but I love writing fiction and am trying to do it well. It is a treat to step outside of my own mind and into someone else’s and a double treat when I can expand outside a limited essay word count.

Having been published many times, I stopped counting after fifty articles, and now being thrown into the slush pile is hard to take. I feel like I’m wallowing around the bottom of the pond trying to kick my way to the surface for a breath, standing on the bodies of the others at the bottom, eww, for one single gasp of a chance to keep me motivated and to be recognized.
So…that’s the dream but who the hell am I?

Wry Wryter a name I think almost perfectly describes my writing nature. There are many Wry Writers...I use too many cliche's, am too trite, I repeat myself, am redundant, (see I told you so) and my spelling is atrocious. If I were a student today my mother would have been told I have a spelling disability, actually I can’t spell because I hated spelling homework. I am somewhat mechanically minded which means I know enough about a lotta’ stuff to either fix it or break it.

If you are reading this then you have already seen a picture of Harley. He is my boy. We brought him home so that my husband would have another male in the house, poor boy, (my husband not the dog), too much estrogen with all these females around. Harley had a ‘ruff’ start in life and I will write about him eventually but today, this is all about me because, well, it’s all about me.
So, as a first post, here are a few simple questions…what is the meaning of life, why are we put here…is there really a God…will I ever walk into Borders and see my novel on the shelf? Questions, all profound and unanswerable in their own right.

I love to write, it is the one thing I do better than most other things. I am proud of the pieces I have had published and honored that the words I have written have in some instances influenced people’s lives and relationships, I’ve pissed off a few along the way and that’s good too, stirring up bees gets me jumpin’ sometimes for cover, sometimes hosed down with cold water. Bzzz
So…anyway, have a great ‘Doris’ day.

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Cooking on a Budget said...

Never, ever give up on writing. It comes naturally to you. Whether you are writing a letter to formally complain about a District Manager, or write about how Harley came into your life, you have a knack for evoking emotion. And I'm not just talking about how to piss off the hubby. You bring a joy and a creativity to everything you do.