Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Query Letters, ugh !

Our ‘Inspired Writers Group’ has an interesting project for the next meeting, the query letter.
E-gads, the horror of the query letter.
I’ve written dozens, actually the same one dozens of times.(Ah, only kidding, I change the titles.)I’m not an expert because they sure haven’t gotten me any book deals.
So, is it the book or the letter?
Hmmm interesting thought.
Like American Idol, is it the try-out or the singing? So what if you suck while doing the acappella thing in front of the judges but your voice is really great. Do they hear the voice or latch onto the sucky part? Part of me says you are not going to Hollywood because there are lots of good singers that don’t screw up the try out, and part of me says give the bitch another chance.
It’s the package I guess…good try-out, good voice, good song…Hollywood all the way.
So, good query, good voice, (yes writing has a voice), and good story, the whole package. I get it.
Funny thing though, I don’t watch American idol anymore because I’m writing all the time. I’m working on my try-out and my song.

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AE said...

I agree. It's the package... why is it always about a package?

But I keep at it cause I love it. Here's to your try-out and song!