Friday, May 20, 2011

To Sweep or Not To Sweep

I have a weekend, this weekend, that is a two day vacation from entertaining. In the last six months I have hosted many, many, more many, and even more, many, holiday, family, friend, happy, sad, joyous and really joyous gatherings ranging from twenty to eighty-five people in my home. In all cases I did most, if not all the cooking, except for desserts. I don’t make desserts I just eat ‘em.

That I am tired of keeping the bathrooms spotless is like saying, can’t I just go one day without a shower. Sweeping up the tumble weeds of dog hair has become a chore so heinous that I am ready to shave the dog. Thank God Harley is housebroken or I’d have to cork his…eww…not really.

Anyway, I’m sleeping in tomorrow. I’m not sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing, cooking or showering…eww…not really.

I’ll sweep, I can’t stand the dog hair.

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