Thursday, July 28, 2011

The 'not-nicers'

Been reading some interesting stuff about e-publishing and self-e-publishing over on BookEnds the last couple of days; learned a few things too. Actually I’m more confused than enlightened.
Give an asshole a keyboard and an enter key and they can be pretty ‘not-nice’. I wanted to say fucking-mean but I’m a lady…no I’m not…they are ‘fucking-not-nice’.
So who do I believe, Jessica or the nay-sayers?
Duh !
I still want the book on the shelf. Again today I was told, “Your book is amazing.” I’m beginning to think maybe it actually is.
Next post?
I think I’m going to post about my book, how I came up with the idea and what it’s about. Not a query, not a synopsis, they are evil, just me talking about it. Right now my brain is fried. Stand by.
Am I ready for 'not-nicers' with a keyboard? Hell yes I am.


Anonymous said...

The knee-jerk reaction against those who oppose BookEnd's decision to open an e-publishing arm is precisely why a lot of people are disturbed by this move. Over the years, Jessica Faust of BookEnds Literary has gained the trust of writers, and now that trust is being used to convince writers that Beyond The Page+BookEnds=great, wonderful, amazing!

The fact that there are so many unanswered questions is even more troubling, as is the opacity of Beyond the Page's function (assisted self-publishing? e-publishing?), or worse, the assumption that self e-publishing (Kindle, Smashwords, etc) is the same as e-publishing (Samhain Publishing, Carina Press, Loose-iD, etc).

Before you write everyone off as "fucking mean" or "naysayers," research e-publishing and self e-publishing, and also read Courtney Milan's blog, where she explains why an agent opening a publishing house will trouble the waters between agents and authors. This is not an attack on the credibility or trustworthiness of Jessica Faust or BookEnds Literary, but this is about business and making sure that everyone knows where they stand and where they should stand to keep the relationship running smoothly and ethically.

- Gigi

elizabeth seckman said...

I read the comments after the BookEnds announcement and was amazed at the mean nature of the comments. Publishing is evolving and Ms. Faust seems to be jumping in and swimming with the flow. She's not asking any more from writers than she would in a traditional publishing relationship; if anything she is opening another door to all of us who find them locked. I say thank God for inovators like herself.