Monday, September 5, 2011

Laptopin' again

Feels good to be laptopin’.

Okay so the storm is gone, the lights are back on in Connecticut and I can flush without hauling water. Life is pretty much back to normal which means things aren’t normal at all. I’m being screwed at work, so what else is new.
I shouted at a gaggle of electric linemen in some big-ass green trucks from Quebec yesterday.

“Thank you,” I shouted. “Canada rocks,” I said. They waved and cheered; made me feel good.

“Oh Can-a-da…” I love their anthem, it’s so cool but I like ours better, bombs bursting, flags still flying. Believe me…dawns early light…it comes damn early when you have no eee…leck…ticity, especially after going to bed with half-dead D-cells and a book with a #10 cordia font or whatever the hell it was; Christ it was small in the dark.

Anyway, I finished the book, The Help. Stockett’s story as a first time fiction writer getting rejected 60 times is beyond inspirational, that chick is crazy focused.

I’m shopping for an agent for my first novel and already a quarter-way through my next book. Does that mean I consider number one totally complete….naw…they never are, even when they are.

Oh, The Help, read it, with the lights on at a reasonable hour. Now that I’m thinking about this I realize I should have read some King or Koontz in the dark. Scary shit that. I’ll wait until the next hurricane. Gotta’ find me some new D-cells first.

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