Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not a resume

This is not a resume, it’s a revelation.

I have been writing for ‘forever’. I was published for the first time twenty-five years ago, over sixty-five articles and counting. I write a weekly colume for a local paper. I’ve written two novels, one memoir, about forty short stories and enough essays to paper the Sistine Chapel. I’ve spoken to writing groups and headed a couple. When I am asked what book on writing helped me the most I always, yes ALWAYS, mention Make Every Word Count by Lawrence Block. For twenty-five years I’ve been espousing that book. Write the name down I’ve told people, it will change your writing life…ah…okay BUT the book wasn’t written by Lawrence Block it was written by Gary Provost. I know who Block is but who the hell is Gary Provost.

Well he was the seventh son of a seventh son, the ‘writer’s writer’ he’s called. My apologies to the memory of a wonderful man who opened the writing door for me - so that it wasn’t slammed in my face by those who knew how to play the game and I did not. He died in ’95. May he RIP in the pages of all who have honed their art because of him.

A link to a piece regarding my parenting skills published on LHJ's Divine Caroline site.
Something that actually worked, how amazing.

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