Friday, July 13, 2012

HAppy, HAppy, HAppy

You know it’s not like painting, hang it on a wall, like it or not like it, eye of the beholder and all that.
It’s not like singing, nice voice, magnificent, funny sounding, or shrill. I hear, everybody that can hear hears and has an opinion.
It’s not like playing an instrument, practice, practice, practice and you might be good enough to perform on the stage of Carnegie Hall.
It’s not like sculpture, or quilt making, or knitting or whatever is considered an art.
Of what am I writing, you may ask.
Because of how this works I cannot tell you.
I love tricks with words.
It is something we can all do. So, to keep you quessing I will now shut up.


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Cooking on a Budget said...

Behold I practice the art of writing, because I love it.
(I'm so smart, it's scarry!)