Sunday, August 12, 2012

Grain by grain

The nursery school takes children as young as three, the seniors are five. They are cute, those little ones, so much energy and wide-eyed curiosity. Too bad we lose that inquisitiveness as we get older.
At my daughters’nursery school, years ago, they presented discovery, and fun, along with nurturing and consistency. The kids learned and so did the parents.

The little yellow school, all cherry and bright is built on a small lot in the center of a small town. The L shaped diminutive yard around the school is fenced in and carpeted in beach sand, a wonderful medium for little ones to play in. Around the back of the building the sand was thin, weeds were popping up all the time, so the head of the school ordered a dump truck load of sand. They made sure the truck came when all the kids were there, little kids love big-trucks.

The huge pile of sand was a whole new playground for the kids. Problem…it was for the back area behind the school. A Bobcat was brought in and though the machine was small, it was too big to maneuver alongside the building to dump the sand in the back part of the yard. The teachers thought of calling for parent-volunteers with shovels but the kids were at the school because most of the parents worked. What to do?

The little-ones were excited, all they wanted to do was play on the hill of sand in front of the school. So, each child was given a sand-pail and a tiny plastic shovel. Before morning snack-time the entire dump-truck load of sand was moved behind the building, one sand bucket at a time. At naptime every child slept well.

Moral of this story;
If a bunch of toddlers can move a mountain so can you. You'll sleep better too.

Have you moved mountains?

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Cooking on a Budget said...

This short piece is a life lesson for those of us who may have lost the child in us. Thanks for sharing.