Thursday, December 8, 2011

Query Quick Pick

Okay, so I purchase a lottery ticket, ‘quick pick’ of course. I figure, let the computer do the deed. If I pick the numbers, no way would the balls get sucked up into the slot in my favor, right?

So I walk away from the store, dreaming of what I would do with my winnings. Would it change my life? Maybe, if the winnings were big enough, sure. So I go on my way with the glimmer of financial success percolating to the surface every now and then, giving me a sense that everything will be alright…not if, but when I win.
That’s the part about lottery tickets that’s so nice. The anticipation that maybe life will get a little more comfortable, that we could relax and not have to work so hard.

The anticipation is what I live for because the outcome of being the winner is so far off, I am convinced all I have is the dream, but wait.
I do have some control, I can change my numbers, I can stack the deck because I keep on, keeping on. (If you can call two bucks a week keeping on.)

So I got to thinking, playing the lottery is like querying but with more control because I get to pick the 'write' numbers.
Yeah, I love the lottery...of words.

Hey, anybody got a dollar I can borrow?

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