Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Retail Rant Day Two

My retail rant continues.
Here’s a question for you…are you one of the patrons who might spend over a hundred dollars on non-essential goods and then when asked to donate one-dollar to a charity, you answer no?
“I’ve already donated,” they say. Oh really, so you donated a dollar and you can’t donate another, which feeds families or helps fight cancer. After purchasing an end table, a chair, three towels and bath salts you can’t come up with less than one-tenth of one percent for charity?
Everybody is collecting for charity this time of year and yes many are generous but the ones which act as if giving a buck is tantamount to organ donation ticks me off.
That table they bought, the chair, towels and bath salts…bad karma I say. If you buy and don’t donate, bad karma will follow your purchase.
So how about the customer buying a necessity like food, should they give? Well, if you’re buying diapers, milk, bread, hamburger helper, condoms and toilet paper, I’m thinking maybe you can’t actually afford to give more than once, but if your cart is loaded with four bags of chips, three bottles of soda, two magazines, and grapes at $3.99 a pound than shoot the partridge in the pear tree and donate a buck.
And the bitch of it all…any of us, from Mercedes drivers to Cruise goers, any of us could have the tables turned and we’re left standing at the door of the Food Bank. Think about that. Drop some corn flakes in the food donation box today, it’ll make you feel better and the karma in your own cart won’t give you indigestion, it will make you glow.

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