Sunday, March 18, 2012

Countdown in white

In five days my oldest daughter is getting married. Six months after that my youngest is tying the sheep shank. Two weddings in six months, a practical joke by God because my husband and I eloped.

It has been an act befitting any plate spinner, balancing the hearts of two daughters getting married. To their credit, they, and their prospectives, have planned just about everything, but as a mother wanting to respect and be fair I have walked a tightrope. I cannot even explain the tears that have been shed over the different needs of two children who love each other dearly but differ so profoundly on how they approach things.

Guest list, white dress, shoes, meeting parents and extended family, showers, centerpieces, music, flowers, seating arrangements and check writing, times 2. Whew. If I don’t see you at the after-party it’s because...that’s snoring you hear from behind the fake ficus.

But really girls, what's wrong with a bottle of wine and a Justice of the Peace?

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