Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm younger than my numbers

            Today is my birthday. Next year is a milestone; almost Medicare age. Amazing really, I should feel older.
            When my grandmother was this age, I was in my early teens and she seemed so old to me. When my mother was this age, I was middle-aged and she got younger each year, as I got older. It was like we were growing closer in age, as peers, until almost overnight, she looked and acted old…because she was.

            Age is like cheap wine, sometimes it tastes good and you fly and sometimes it just plain fucks you up and makes you puke. 

            I don’t drink anymore so I’m not taking any chances. I used to imbibe, a lot, but like I’ve said way too often, I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I do linguine. I’ve even quit the whole food thing, so what’s left…next year’s birthday and more than a few after that I hope.

            I don’t like writing about this kind of stuff because if I drop dead on my way to work people will freak out, Jesus Christ, she just wrote about birthdays, and living longer and WTF, who woulda’ thought, can’t believe it, creepy huh, done in by a seagull through her windshield because she took the long way to work through Knollwood and over the causeway. 

            Oh well, at least the view was nice.

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