Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Splish splash, spark in the dark

We just got power back.
Thank you Mary Mother of God and I'm not even Catholic. 

The quiet was unnerving at first but it was nice, and a pain in the ass to be part of the universal struggle to keep the frozen, frozen and cold, cold. I can handle any of it except not being able to flush. We filled the tubs, and we bailed to flush but really, I mean really, we are so accustomed to electricity to pump away the food our bodies rent.

All around my town houses are off foundations, walls washed away and lives forever changed, just like last year. They fixed then and they will fix again, the unfixable wrath of mother nature.

I stood on our town beach today and watched the waves pounding against the seawalls and foundations of the homes, the homes that were left. "The sea...she was angry".
It was beautiful and it was a message,"Treat me better," she says, "or else I'll do this to you all over again".

My husband and one of my my son-in-laws are off to deliver the extra ice and water we have left, to friends who are still in the dark. My youngest daughter and her new husband drove the ice and water here to us from Massachusetts, 2 1/2 hours away. They helped us cut the downed trees which blocked our driveway and our country road. My daughters and their husbands are amazing.

Soon a line will be forming outside my bathroom doors so friends can wash away the detritus of the last couple of days. My empty nest bedrooms will be full tonight, come on in, you're all welcome.

Gloria, in the dark for eight days.
Irene, in the dark for three days.
Sandy, 24 hours.
We were lucky this time, very, very lucky.


Teri said...

I've been thinking about all of you Betsy-East-Coasters today. Glad to hear you made it through ....

Wry Wryter said...

Thanks Teri.
Like freight trains roaring through the trees the wind was howling. I have never heard the wind so pissed off.

Averil Dean said...

So relieved to hear that you're okay, Wry. I feel like a mother hen counting her chicks, and the missing ones still worry me.


Wry Wryter said...

Averil, thanks for your concern momma hen. It was very scary. Nice to know so many people care.

Jennine G. said...

Glad to hear you made it through...over here on my Ohio/PA stateline we only had wind and rain. They delayed schools and some cancelled due to the wind and all I could think was how were the real East-coasters making out...

Wry Wryter said...

Jennine, this has been just amazing. Pictures in my mind that will never go away.