Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Before and After

I am tackling another full draft rewrite, twelve or thirteen I think, I’ve lost count. After over a month away from my novel I am able to read best, as a reader, rather than a writer.
That I thought it was READY is kind of embarrassing because I am making it better.
I am finding, changing, adding and subtracting but, Gee, I still really like it. The characters are like family members…ah…better than some family members, more interesting anyway. It’s like visiting an old friend who like me, loves a before and after make-over.
Now the dress fits better, the hair is perfect and the shoes are comfortable.
I’m waiting for the limo. Actually, I’ll call for it when I’m done.
I am hoping, getting ready for the big dance, isn’t all my date gets to do.

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