Sunday, October 9, 2011

Life in a Year

Tomorrow my first born is twenty-seven years old. How the hell did this happen so fast?
It seems like a year ago she graduated from college and six months ago she graduated high school.
Only a few months back she got her driver’s license and a month ago she rode the big yellow bus for the first time.
Last week she mastered riding a two wheeler and few days ago she had just learned to walk.
Yesterday she was spitting up on my shoulder.
Minutes ago I told my husband, with fear and trepidation, “Honey, I’m pregnant, again. This one we will not lose. This one will make it…and she did. This one brought us out of darkness and continues to, each and every day of her life.

Our first born will be married soon and it is within me to know, because it is her dream, a life in a year will begin for her in a wink.
Happy birthday sweetheart…you were born seconds ago.